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visual tools.

digitization, complexity, networking, automation, working world 4.0, industry 4.0 - all terms that we hear and experience every day in our professional and private world. in hours of meetings, sales presentations and training courses, attempts are made to impart knowledge or to work out joint solutions. The knowledge imparted, as well as the results of these workshops, often vary very strongly, from "top marks" to "a waste of time".

precisely for these challenges, visualization as a working tool is one of the most effective aids. it reduces the complexity and at the same time can show overarching connections. this can be in the simplest form, for example when a participant in a workshop picks up the pen and draws something on the whiteboard - up to the use of professional visual facilitators or graphic recorders .

graphic facilitation, visual facilitation.

visual facilitating means visual moderation. a visual facilitator supports and promotes the visual accompaniment of workshops in order to stimulate efficient and creative solutions.

Initial situations, content and the results obtained are recorded in pictures on flipcharts. this enables the group to conduct discussions more precisely and to create a common picture from the initial situation to the solution variant . in addition to the visual recording, the visual facilitator supports goal-oriented work in the group with the right methods and questions. the visual facilitator is a coupling  between the role of a facilitator (moderator) and the graphic recorder.

design thinking, human centered design.

design thinking is a  systematic solution-finding process for complex problems from all organizational units. the approach goes far beyond the classic problem-solving and product development processes.

in contrast to many standardized procedures in practice, which approach the solutions from a technical point of view, the customer/user is at the center of the development in the design thinking approach. in addition to the main focus of customer centricity, technical feasibility and cost-effectiveness are also integrated into the process. a product or service can only be successful if all three disciplines are in harmony.

through the prototyping phase, the market feedback is collected again and again and enables a coupling of the market needs and the developers. the prototypes can be created very easily, in the form of simulations, lego or cardboard models or even through visualizations of the planned solutions.



big picture, customer journey, dialog pictures, group memory, icons, pictograms, mission statement, mind-map.

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graphic recording, visual recording, live scribing.

graphic recording means a graphic recording of what is happening. in practice, the term visual recording or live scribing is often used.

a visual protocol is created during a graphic recording. this can be done in analogue form over a large area on several square meters of paper, or in digital form using a tablet. the creation of the progress log is created during the event.

the visual protocol is intended to help the participants to better understand core messages, to simplify connections and to promote sustainable communication with images.

In preparation, it is advantageous if the graphic recorder has as much information as possible about the event - e.g. moderators, facilitators, speakers, topics, presentations of the lectures, etc.

the graphic recorder is present as a listener during the event, workshop, panel discussion or event and records everything that happens live. At the end, the visual protocol shows the core messages, contexts and sometimes also the time course, as well as pictures of the mood or the audience reactions.

the graphic recorder can often present a summary at the end of the event and go through the day again in pictures.

after a graphic recording, the images can be used to continue topics, communication and refreshers. in the case of recurring events (e.g. annually), the images can also be used for the invitations to the subsequent event, in order to bring back memories of the previous event.

the strengths of a graphic recorder lie in listening, processing and filtering information and converting what is happening into images.

area of application: presentations, meetings, panel discussions, workshops, team development, events, events, discussions, meetings...

animated film, explanatory videos.

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a facilitator is a process or dialogue companion who supports a group in understanding the current situation and their own basic assumptions, in recognizing the needs of the stakeholders and in searching for possible solutions together. then you create simple prototypes and test them with the stakeholders - learning from this phase is enormously valuable for the further development of the solution and often has the nice side effect that the stakeholders feel that they have been taken care of early in the process.

facilitators are experts for the promotion of dialogue, interdisciplinary developments in which people want to develop common solutions for the future.

creative collaboration,
co creation

co-creation describes the method of cooperation between several parties, companies, solution providers or interest groups. co-creation is used in situations where the environment is very innovative and fast-growing. at the beginning of the process, the customers only know some of their needs that they want to cover and usually do not know or only very superficially what solutions might be available. this constellation is often found today in digitization topics. companies want to use the new possibilities of digitization to be more successful, but often do not know in which areas this is all possible.

co-creation can be a good method for this. this process usually lasts several days, during which the customer and solution provider meet together in workshops. these workshops are accompanied by the facilitator and are mainly based on design thinking elements. the needs of the customer and their possible chances are analyzed and possible solutions are designed and tested.

graphic recording, visualization, illustration, strategy images, design thinking, agile, digital, strategy images. 

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